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Meet Merrill McKewen

We continue to look at Zippity Doo Dah® and the people behind next weekend’s event. Today, we meet Merrill McKewen… As a coordinator of special events, Merrill McKewen knows about the VIP treatment. She’s worked with members of Congress, James Brown, Smokey Robinson and the like. But the red carpet doesn’t get rolled any wider […]

Meet J. David Waugh

In our continuing series leading up to Zippity Doo Dah®, we introduce you to another of Fondren’s movers and shakers… “You mean the guy with the bow tie?” Yes, that’s J. David Waugh and Fondren’s resident sharp dresser who says it’s the many bow ties — and many hats — he wears that keep him happy. The […]

Big Hats, Bouffants and Browne’s Book

Big Hair is coming to Fondren! No, it’s not another remake of “The Help” – it’s just Fondren’s Zippity Doo Dah® Weekend. People from all over the United States and a few foreign countries, including Hawaii and Saudi Arabia, are signed up to attend the festivities and will soon descend on Fondren for some good ole Southern hospitality – […]

Meet Jim Wilkirson

In the week leading up to the Zippity Doo Dah® Weekend in Fondren (March 22-24), let us introduce you to the behind the scenes players who are making it all happen. Ask Jim Wilkirson what he does in his spare time and he’ll ask you “what is ‘spare time’”? The 48 year old Jackson native […]

Zippity Weekend Raises Nearly $60k for Batson

In what is being touted as a “classic example of synergy,” the Zippity Doo Dah weekend two months ago has raised $59,655 for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital in Fondren. In a presentation made on Tuesday, Sweet Potato Queen Jill Conner-Browne handed over the monies to Batson’s Chief Nursing Officer Terri Gillespie. Sal and Mookie’s […]