Millsaps Day 2017

As you may or may not know, Sophie, our editor (and my lovely wife!), works for Millsaps full time. She has, for the last four years, been an integral part of helping to plan Millsaps Day in Fondren, a time during move in weekend in August where students are bussed to Fondren and given the opportunity to explore the neighborhood.


This year, they have shifted their plans and students will not be bussed in. Instead, they are hosting four orientation days during the summer – June 17 and 24 and two in July – and will want to introduce the students, on a much smaller scale, to the neighborhood and all of Jackson.


The ask is this: if we create a coupon sheet that can be given to students, would you include a special offer? It could be a percentage off or a free item with purchase – or even an everyday perk you offer that to students might be a welcoming invite to your business (Rainbow’s “always free, just ask” memberships spring to mind).


My plan is to design a double sided piece that will stick just beyond the size of our magazine as an insert, tailored to the students (and their parents who will be here on those weekends, too), enticing them to eat or shop with you.The coupon wouldn’t expire until August 31, 2017, giving them time to use it at the orientations and for their actual move in weekend. We’d print around 750 copies.


We’ll have to know every quickly to turn this around. Again, they won’t be bussed TO you this year, so this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to them. Please say you’ll help. This cost you nothing but a small discount or freebie and could help you make customers for life.


I’ll need the discount amount, any exclusions (can’t be used for tax or tip, does not apply to sale, etc.) and a one sentence summation of who you are and what you do/serve. I’ll design the coupon, all will be sized the same with white logos on purple background (see attached).
Can you let me know soon?


Oh, you may hear from a young man by the name of Nigel Stinson (who works for Millsaps) about another opportunity for you, one that puts you on campus during these orientations. I hope you can help him out, too!