In the late 18th Century, a French Canadian trader named Louis LeFleur established a successful trading post along the Natchez Trace overlooking the Pearl River. As trade among the Europeans and native Americans increased, a small village formed in the area, and in no time, the village became known as LeFleur’s Bluff.

The area’s growth continued and less than 30 years later, it was renamed Jackson and became the capital of the new state of Mississippi.

The area now known as LeFleur East occupies the easternmost border of the city of Jackson along the Pearl River—which itself has migrated east over the centuries. And centuries later, the area is still a thriving nexus for “trade.”

You might even call LE a village unto itself within the confines of Jackson. Here in LeFleur East, you’ll find a plethora of shops & restaurants and roughly 2,000 homes throughout 20 neighborhoods.

LeFleur East occupies the east side of I-55 all the way to the Pearl River, and is bordered by LeFleur’s Bluff State Park to the south and Canton Mart Road to the north. Jackson’s historic Fondren neighborhood is directly across the interstate. Just southeast of LeFleur East, you’ll find perhaps even more historic Belhaven, Jackson’s oldest established neighborhood.

Launched in January 2018 online and in print in March 2018, Explore Lefleur was established as a brand to highlight local personalities, businesses and events. Explore LeFleur merged with Find It In Fondren in the summer of 2019. The archive of stories over those eighteen previous months can be found on this site.