Some eggs, handpainted by Hayes, depict local entities like Fondren Public, HRC Mississippi, and Basil’s. Photo: Jenny Breaux

A pair of Fondrenites who also happen to be best pals are on the hunt for new customers for their businesses.

They are asking residents of Fondren to play along on a hunt of their own dubbed #FollowTheEggJxn.

The communitywide scavenger hunt for hand-crafted eggs, created by Hayley Hayes, a Realtor®, and Jenny Breaux, a mortgage broker, is partnering with local businesses to “spark a little adventure.”

Breaux said the idea came from a similar promotion in Memphis, #901Rocks, where stones are handpainted and hidden.

Eggs have been cleverly fashioned by Hayes, who is also an artist, and other local artists to reflect participants. Starting this weekend, the pair will post clues from their Instagram account, @followtheeggjxn to kick off the search. There, you’ll see photos of eggs and posts containing clues.

To play, Hayes and Breaux are asking you to follow their Facebook pages.

Next, walk the neighborhood — residential and the downtown Fondren historic district — to seek out the colorful eggs.

If you find an egg, look to see if it depicts an area business. If so, tag the business on Instagram or Facebook, take the egg to their location and discover your prize.

To keep the fun going, your found eggs could be hidden again. You’ll post to your own Instagram with clues to the egg’s new Fondren hiding place using the hashtag #followtheeggjxn.

If the egg does not depict a business, keep the egg or leave it in its hiding place for someone else to find.

Breaux adds, “We’re building our businesses while building community. It’s all connected.”