by Sophie McNeil Wolf

You are scrolling through Instagram and bam, there it is: That food everyone can’t stop talking about. You know, those nachos or tater tots or that sweet treat that’s constantly in your feed. Curious what foods are buzzing in Fondren?

Saltine: Shrimp and Crawfish Dip
The sea meets queso – in all the right ways. Whole shrimp and crawfish tails are all throughout this cheesy dip, served with crisp tortilla chips. When we first posted about this dip to @finditinfondren on Instagram, folks couldn’t get enough. The dip is on the menu permanently as a starter.

Shrimp & Crawfish Dip

Barrelhouse: Brisket Tots
(Insert heavy breathing here) Brisket tots are listed as a small plate, but could easily suffice as a full meal. A deconstructed meat and potatoes, these tots harken back to a Midwestern hot dish with house-smoked Angus brisket, demi glace, parmesan cream, pimento pepper relish. Split with a friend or bring a cot.

Brisket Tots

Rooster’s: Hot, Hot Chicken
Nathan Glenn’s hot take on fiery chicken will make you cry, then ask for more. Any way Rooster’s makes chicken – tenders, sandwich, or on a salad – can be made the “hot, hot” way. How hot is hot? Let’s just say, their hot, hot Caesar salad is named after the devil.

Hot Chicken

Sal and Mookie’s: Cereal Box Shakes
Classic Sal and Mookie’s shakes have cranked it up a notch with a throwback to your favorite childhood (or adulthood?) cereal. Reeses Puffs, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cap’n Crunch round out the milkshake dream team. Don’t worry, classic milkshakes aren’t leaving the menu any time soon.

Cereal Box Shakes. Image: Sal & Mookie’s

Pig & Pint: Boudin Balls
We may not be in Louisiana swamp territory, but you can still get your boudin fix at The Pig & Pint. Our favorite: boudin balls with the smoked tomato ginger jam. The Pig & Pint crafts boudin in house the traditional way with sausage and rice, then prepares it into fried balls, or as a burger.

Boudin Balls. Image: The Pig & Pint

Cups: Nitro
What is nitro cold brew coffee? Think coffee poured like a beer tap, but instead of CO2, coffee is infused with nitrogen for a rich, creamy head. Don’t be afraid when your serving doesn’t have ice. The nitrogen keeps the cold brew smooth and cold. Cups serves various flavors throughout the year, including a plain cold brew and Blondie.

Nitro brew. Image: Cups