Jackson area native Leslie Baskin has opened a studio at Fondren Corner to expand her graphic design and handmade paper art business.

Leslie Baskin Designs, located just inside the parking deck entrance next to the FRF office, is the result of an “alignment of the stars,” according to Baskin.

“I looked at several other places before this spot opened and I kept dragging my feet,” she said. “Fondren Corner has a funky, eclectic vibe that I thought would be a perfect match for my business. And I feel like I am a part of a real community.”

Baskin said her experiences have given her a love and appreciation for fine paper and typography, a signature element of her firm’s work. “I am a graphic designer that specializes in clean and modern logo design, branding, print media, and advertising. I also create custom organic mixed media pieces using handmade paper.”

Growing up, Baskin was always surrounded by art teachers that encouraged her to peruse her talents. As an incoming freshman at Ole Miss, she said she knew she wanted to major in art. But it wasn’t until her sophomore year that Baskin discovered her passion for graphic design. In 2010, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

After moving back to Jackson in 2011, Baskin took a teaching position at her alma mater, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.  While at St. Andrew’s, she was able to develop a new graphic design program while also teaching fine art studio classes. During this same period, Baskin pursued and earned her Masters in Fine Arts in 2018.  During an elective course, she learned the process of papermaking.

“As I matured as a designer and gained an understanding for fine paper, I began to develop my own form of fiber art,” she explained.  “I like to create handmade paper while working natural materials into the fibers such as dried flower petals from my backyard.”

Baskin began freelancing around six years ago, helping friends with invitations or logo designs.

“I was always limited with how much I could take on since I was teaching full time, but I knew I always wanted to have my own business one day,” she said. “I finally mustered the courage to take the leap to design and make art as my fulltime gig after seven years of teaching.” With clients throughout the southeast, she added, “I am always looking to take on new projects.”

Find Baskin on Instagram @lesliebaskindesigns or at lesliebaskindesigns.com for one-of-a-kind gifts for someone special or for a family holiday card.

Visit Leslie Baskin Designs during Fondren Unwrapped on November 15 for framed handmade paper pieces along with handmade paper ornaments.