From one family to another.

Kathy and Greg McDade have confirmed that the sale of McDade’s Market to The Durnin Group has been finalized.

The Louisiana-based grocery family, lead by Paul Durnin, Jr., purchased four stores — Westland Plaza, Fortification, Fondren and Maywood Mart plus McDade’s Wine & Spirits in LeFleur East — in a package deal signed this week.

Two stores, Fondren and Maywood Mart, will remain McDade’s. The Westland Plaza and Fortification locations will be rebranded as Froogel’s Cost + Foods. That chain has locations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

“It’s our family, passing the torch to a younger family,” the McDades said. “It’s like our family is being adopted by someone else’s. The only thing changing is that we are coming out of the picture and they are coming in.”

“Another family-owned business wanted to grow their business and to add stores. (Durnin) knew us as operators and approached us. It gave us the opportunity to say, you know, ‘We’re that old that we might look at this.’”

Store offerings like specialty groceries, fine meats and deli “home cooking” will not change. Neither will store employees, who, like Fondren’s Eddie Prosser, have been longstanding fixtures in their neighborhoods.

“You have to know that we would have to know a lot about (Durnin) and thought a lot of him to leave our name (to him),” the McDades said. “It means a lot to him and he knows our history.”

Arkansas natives Kathy and Greg McDade first began purchasing their Jackson stores in 1996 and had procured the Fondren store at Woodland Hills shopping center by 2004.

Now, on the cusp of retirement, Kathy said it would be, for them, uncharted territory.

“We’ve never done that — retirement — before. It’s something we didn’t plan. We’re staying here, retiring here, and will be shopping at McDade’s.”

The McDades went on to add their foremost concern has always been for their work family and those they serve.

“(The Durnin Group) is a great operator and they will do a great job,” she said. “Our concept is that you’re only the best until the next one comes along. They might do it better than us! Any changes he makes would be positive ones to serve the community, to serve the customers.”