Written and compiled by Sophie McNeil Wolf | Photographed by Andee Hinton

For as long as she can remember, Andee Hinton has loved old homes and history. After following several Instagram accounts dedicated to old homes around the country, she realized a big community existed, sharing the various styles of homes across each state.

“We decided to start our own page of Mississippi Houses in order to showcase the beauty of homes, to share the history of them with others and to showcase something good and positive about Mississippi,” she says. In a word — Mississippi Houses was a hit.

Hinton, who works in Fondren with the banking industry, says creating the account has made her look more intentionally at her surroundings, whether on her daily route or while traveling.

“My favorite part about posting the homes is stirring memories of the people that lived or had family members or neighbors that lived in these homes at some point in time. It always makes me happy when followers share their memories and stories from these homes. After all, that is what makes a house special and makes it a home.”

Fondren homes are often on display with @mississippihomes. Hinton gives us a look at user favorites (and a few of her own!). Year listed indicates the year the home was originally built.

Mid-Century Modern – 1951
“One of a few international style homes in Jackson, it was designed by Samuel and William Weiner for their cousin. I love its uniqueness, and I love seeing it in the fall when the gorgeous ginkgo tree  compliments the lush landscape of the home.”

Tudor Revival – 1941
“I love the diversity of the homes in Fondren. There are so many cute homes similar to this 1941 Tudor Revival cottage that it is hard to pick a favorite. The red door
definitely adds to the charm of this one.”

French Rustic – 1949
“This picture was a follower favorite. I’ve passed by it everyday for years and always look at it and always admire it. Several people commented the same thing. I love the whitewashed brick and cobblestone driveway. It is elegant and eye catching to me.”

Eclectic – 1940
“The wonderful people and diversity of Fondren and its homes and its community-like atmosphere make it one of the best places in the world to me!”

Georgian Revival – 1939
“The Calvin Wells House was built in 1939 in the Georgian Revival style and was designed by A. Hays Town. It’s a dream house for me!”

Colonial Revival – 1949
“To me this is a picture perfect home and seems like it would be the ideal place to grow up. The paint colors catch my eye and how cool that they used it for the filming of The Hollars?”