by Garrad Lee

“I love to create and I live to create,” says Roslyn Harris.

Harris, an interior designer at Glo Design Studio, is a woman whose creativity is shaped by her experience. Born in Jackson, she moved with her mother at the age of five to Salt Lake City, where she lived until she was 27. “Growing up in Utah made me very well rounded. I easily relate to all groups of people. I feel like this is a very special gift and it is what makes me so unique,” she says. As an interior designer, this is quite important, as Harris encounters a wide range of people, tastes and needs.

Glo, located in the Woodland Hills Shopping Center, is a full-service design studio with in-house designers, a textiles library and a showroom featuring furniture, upholstery and everything in between. Harris fell in love with Glo the first time she walked in many years ago.

“It’s one of those situations where this is my dream place to work as a designer, but I always thought they would never hire little ol’ me,” she says. One day while picking up an order of wallpaper from Glo for a design project, Harris had a great experience and was left wondering “What if I had the opportunity to work here? What a dream come true that would be?”

As fate would have it, two weeks later she got a  call from owner Anthony Ritter. “I was shocked because the reason for his call was to offer me a job as a designer at Glo. I accepted. That was two years ago,” she says.

Along with handling the social media at Glo, Harris does all aspects of design projects, from picking tile and counter tops to picking window treatments, furniture and accessories, tailoring her work to meet each client’s specific needs.

“As an interior designer my style is minimal, modern and clean, with a touch of bling or glam,” she says. Harris specializes in helping clients transform their spaces while making sure the client’s personal taste comes through in the designs.

The same ethic that informs Harris’ interior design work also inspires her work in another creative field: Harris also designs pieces for her jewelry line, Chic’d Out Designs. And the pieces she creates apply the same clean designs with a little-added flair that appeal to many tastes.

“I make jewelry that makes people feel good. My jewelry is unique and eye-catching,” Harris says. “I love using leather, wire, metal, wood and natural stone with a touch of glam. My design style fits such a wide range of people. My jewelry clients range from teachers, lawyers, and doctors, to college, high school and young girls.”

She adds, “When you wear a Chic’d Out piece it sets you apart from everyone in the room. My jewelry sends a powerful message that says hey look at me I’m fabulous.” Whether you need a piece of jewelry to wow at a party or a modern upgraded kitchen, Roslyn Harris will set you up with the fabulous.”

Harris’s jewelry is available at Glo.