We’re going to do something we haven’t done in the six-plus years we’ve been doing Find It In Fondren.

We’re dropping off the radar. Sort of, but just for a little while.

When you own your own media and marketing business, taking time off is scary. Who will cover what you don’t? Even when we have taken vacations in the past, we were still somehow tethered to our iPhones and iPads.

Between Friday, December 23 and Sunday, January 1,  Monday, January 2, you won’t see a lot of us electronically. There will be few social media posts and even fewer elements of featured content on the web.

In short, it’s a much-needed break.

Don’t worry: if something big happens that you need to know about, we’ll come out of hibernation. We don’t want you to miss anything important. After all, we pride ourselves on being the go-to for all things Fondren.

We thank you in advance for this gift of time off and hope you’ll take the chance, if you can, to take a moment for yourself, too. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

Paul Wolf, Publisher
Sophie McNeil Wolf, Editor