Image: St. Dominic’s

Long ago, and in an area far north of Jackson, three young women made the decision to dedicate their lives to serving others and seeking a greater understanding of God’s will. Now, decades later, those same women are grown up and are well known as the Dominican Sisters at St. Dominic’s.

Sister Dorothea Sondgeroth (one of the main drivers behind the revitalization efforts in Fondren), Sister Thecla Kuhnline and Sister Celestine Rondelli all celebrated a special milestone anniversary as Dominican Sisters this year, celebration known as their Jubilee. All three have spent most of this year doing what they do best, uplifting the community.

In celebration of St. Dominic’s 70th anniversary and the jubilees of three Dominican Sisters who minister at St. Dominic’s, a new book has been released that follows the story of seven Dominican Sisters who have served or are currently serving in the Jackson area.

A Sister’s Love, written by Joe Maxwell, follows each Sister’s journey from childhood to present day and details the intimate ways in which each was called to join the consecrated life.

A Sister’s Love tells about each Sister’s spiritual heroes, growth, service, obedience and tremendous faith in following God’s call to focus on the needs of others in a world that is often so self-focused. These heart-felt stories are filled with many unexpected turns and reveal a very human life that often seems mysterious.

“This story pulls back the veil on these Sisters, who are people just like you and me,” said Mississippi’s First Lady Deborah Bryant. “These Sisters are life-changers and life-menders. In my current role, I’ve met many great people, and Sister Dorothea and her cohorts rank highest among them.”

The book will be available at Lemuria Books and on St. Dominic Hospital’s website, A book signing will be held Saturday December 10 at 5pm at Lemuria.

All proceeds from sales of A Sister’s Love will benefit The Sisters’ Fund for Charitable Works.

With reporting from St. Dominic’s