Almost four months to the day after opening, Amanda’s Pet Salon in Fondren has a new owner – and a new name.

Familiar face and groomer Donna Downing, who has been with Amanda’s since day one, officially takes the reins today as Fondren Pet Salon (groomer Theresa Oswalt will also remain).

“It’s a blessing,” said Downing who worked for ten years under Leigh Barrier at The Dog Wash in Northeast Jackson. “We’re dedicated and want to stay here. The only thing that will change is the name.”

Downing says the full-service grooming business still features dog baths with top of the line shampoos, grooming, nail care, deshedding, flea baths and hair coloring.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to own my own pet salon,” Downing said. “We owe it to the community and the patrons who have already started using us to stay, to put some roots here and grow here.”

Original owners Amanda and Valerie Schmitz detailed their reason for selling and why they chose Downing to carry on: “In addition to needing to concentrate on our original salon, we know that Donna is capable and deserving of the opportunity to serve Fondren’s pet owners. We wouldn’t just pass this down to anyone. Donna has the passion and the experience to carry out the dreams we had in the beginning for this business.”

Fondren Pet Salon is open Monday-Friday from 7-5:30pm.They’re located at 419 Mitchell Avenue and can be reached at 601.906.7326.