The annual crawfish boil attracts neighbors and their friends to experience the top of Fondren hospitality.

In the Broadmeadow neighborhood, things are a bit more laid back than in most circles.

“I don’t think the board has really discussed anything in particular about elections for officers,” Broadmeadow Neighborhood Association (BNA) president Wade Thompson noted in their annual meeting. “I would suggest we carry over the same slate of officers from last year for 2016.”

As her child’s cries of “Mom! Mom!” pull neighbor Barbara Park from the room, to the laughter of those in attendance, past president Beth Autrey joked, “put Barbara in charge.” The chuckles continued.

And that’s how it is, that laissez faire, “live-and-let-live” mentality that makes the top of Fondren a relaxed throw back to a simpler time. And that’s not a bad thing.

As Saturday’s meeting in the Broadmeadow United Methodist Church fellowship hall continued, neighbors joked about who should and shouldn’t make motions to carry on business (“you can vote me out if you don’t like it,” Linden Potts told his wife, Lisa, said purely in jest, eliciting more laughter) and Chuck Wise, motioning to a neighbor whom she had just met, volunteering her to join their board. Others discussed who should be taking welcome baskets to new residents upon their moving in (Morgan Walker said she would gladly bear that torch) and board secretary Maureen Smith suggested making monthly “executive committee” meetings open to anyone, holding their informal gatherings at a local restaurant. The more the merrier, or so it would seem.

Thompson glowed when discussing the success of the past year’s events, touting a new, more formalized relationship with Fondren Guitars’ student Rock Band program, who will become a staple musical offering at October’s Blocktoberfeast. The annual soup sale, Soup’s On in January, added a dose of health to the organization’s bank account, so much so, Thompson is soliciting ideas for ways BNA can give back. There’s the annual crawfish boil (slated for April 16), the fourth of July parade and potluck and the pre-Trick or Treat potluck (notice a theme here) to fill every hungry belly. Those events somehow come together every year, not meticulously planned, but because residents here know how to have a good time. Thompson describes BNA’s structure as “fluid” – and it works.

The meeting would not be complete without thanking backers like McDade’s Markets, Nix-Tann & Associates Realtors® and Find It In Fondrenâ„¢. “They’re steady supporters,” Thompson said of their financial, in-kind and promotional efforts. “It takes every single bit of that to make all of our events a success.”

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