Author, radio host and “Gestalt Gardener,” Felder Rushing, shares his view of what makes Fondren “Fondren.”

A new video is online today, touting the virtues of the historic Fondren neighborhood.

Produced by Creative Process, the parent company of Find It In Fondrenâ„¢, the three minute piece was filmed over a two-day period that included the April Fondren’s First Thursday.

“It’s been our mission, from day one, to highlight the good things about Fondren – her people, places and events – and this video captures that,” says Creative Process owner and publisher of Find It In Fondren, Paul Wolf. “We’re always looking for video concepts and last week’s “Table Turning” video from St. Andrew’s Cathedral really sparked it for me.”

In that video, parishioners and parish staff are seen on the downtown streets of Jackson, dispelling myths and setting straight facts about Mississippi’s capital city. “I must have watched it ten times, choked up on every view, and thought, ‘This is our next video for Find It,'” Wolf explains.

A simple question was asked: “What so special about Fondren?” A diverse mix of people of different backgrounds were given the chance to answer that question and the results: watch the video and see what they had to say (and make sure to leave your own answers in the comments below).

Watch the video here: