Morrison and Watson

When beloved Fondren stylist Brian Brower passed away in the summer of 2013, he left behind his dream, Tangle Salon on Duling Avenue, to business partner Mark Pang.

Today, Patty Watson, a stylist and Patricia Morrison, a retailer, are partners and co-owners of D’Tangled, a salon and boutique in the same space that pays tribute to Brower’s legacy.

Watson came on board at Tangle a year and half ago after moving back to Mississippi from Miami to keep the hair side of the business alive. With Pang managing operations, he made the decision last month to get out of the business. It took Watson and Morrison three weeks to get the keys.

“There were others – a nutritionist, another salon – looking to come into this space,” Morrison said. “We did a lot of praying,” Watson added, “and wanted it to be a good decision.” There was thought to moving to Madison or another outlying area, but both agreed: the hip, fun and funky Fondren was a match for them. “To be able to be who you want to be, the way you can be in Fondren, is just a lighter atmosphere for the business,” Morrison noted.

While the format won’t change — (a salon inside a boutique or is it the other way around?) – the prices will and so will the lines they carry. Watson says her cuts are $25 for men and women and her colors are $60. She’s also a licensed barber, so straight razor shaves with hot lather and towels will be available, too. The salon will also offer Beth Minardi hair care products.

Morrison switches gears, excited about a new awning on the way (avocado green with gray lettering, she explained) and new products. “It’s not high end,” Morrison said of her selection. “We’ll have candles in all price ranges, wine accessories like gift bags and bottle toppers, soaps, bath salts and pet accessories. It’ll be eclectic and ever changing.” Watson called it “fun and artsy.”

What’s in the name? “The Tangle in D’Tangled was out of respect for Brian,” Watson told us. “When Brian, passed, the salon passed with him; it was his baby. We want to keep his name alive because so many people loved him. We’ll make it our own but at the same time keep Brian happy. And I think he is.”

Visit D’Tangled at 607 Duling Avenue in historic downtown Fondren.