themillThere’s available rental property in Fondren. You just have to know where to look.

That’s the message from Fondrenite Robert Lewis who has purchased the property at 3002 North Mill Street, affectionately known as “The Mill.” It spans between West and Mill Streets, bordered by Mitchell Avenue and the Illinois Central Railroad line. There are three buildings on the property that Lewis is developing.

We asked Lewis about the purchase, his plans for the facility and benefits of renting there.

When did you purchase The Mill?

I bought it last summer because I needed a place to park the 1982 Jeep Scrambler I have been working on restoring. I figured I’d cash flow the purchase by renting some of the building out at the time. But with three buildings, it’s an awfully large garage for just my Jeep!

Three? What’s the property like?

The first building is a 3,500 square foot office space with eleven offices with custom built in desks. There is a break room and two bathrooms. There’s dedicated parking in a fenced lot. It all opens up to a nice wooden deck under a large oak tree.

The second building is a 2,000 square feet and is an insulated warehouse with a built in foreman’s office. It has overhead lighting and available three phase power depending on the applications. It’s plumbed for overhead gas heat, and, if desired, central AC. It has a roll-up door and two normal doors as access.

The third building is an 8,800 square feet warehouse. I foresee this being a place where people would be performing large-type work as the ceiling is over 25 feet tall. Activities like welding, general construction, screen printing and painting in the paint booth are activities I would expect to see.

Have you had to do a lot of work to the property?

The electrical wiring and the air conditioners have had to be replaced as the property was vacant for three years. The fence around it had been torn down, too. I also repaired the roof and alarm systems for the building.

What are your plans for the The Mill?

I have a master plan I’m dreaming of, but for now, I’m starting to rent the place to get some energy into it and produce some cash flow! I have a total of eleven offices that are in great shape and will serve as a place for the creative professional. That’s my target right now. Believe it or not, I currently am renting to a group of medical students who need a quiet place to study in preparation for their tests they take at the end of year two. I also have an exciting non-profit in the art scene that is very interested in renting part of the space.

From a potential renter’s stand point, what’s the draw of having space here?

It has great proximity to the historic downtown Fondren district and our medical centers like UMMC, St. Dominic’s, Methodist Rehab and the VA. The warehouses offer space that is simply not available in Fondren. I’m feel I’m giving a great deal to the folks who rent the offices, including internet, electricity, water, and gated entry as amenities.

Interested? Contact Lewis at 601.832.4775 or See more photos here.