fondrenpoint1State Street Group is looking for new tenants for the freshest property in Fondren.

Fondren Point, at 2727 Old Canton Road, is not a new building but has recently been the beneficiary of several hundred thousand dollars of upgrades and updates.

At once home to Chris Grillis Photography (now in Madison) and, on the same property, Petra Cafe, Fondren Point is wrapping renovations and hoping to tell a similar story as another Fondren development.

“When The Ramey Agency came in to Fondren Place (from Ridgeland), they already had a really established presence,” says State Street Group President John Ditto. “We’d like to find someone like that (to take the whole top floor). We can always chop it up for smaller tenants but we’re holding out.”

He adds, “ We’re looking for long-term, quality tenants who will make an investment in Fondren.”

While the upstairs is divided, the bottom floor is more open at 5,000 square feet. Ditto says he sees a restaurant there. “I’d love to have Chipotle or something (like that) on the first floor,” he imagines. “That would be huge. Even better, a local restauranteur that wanted to expand or establish a presence in the neighborhood.”

The building that once housed Petra will come down. Ditto says it simply isn’t a “substantial” building, and had no historical significance. And with little on-site parking, the land where the restaurant sat will get a fresh coat of asphalt. “We’ll end up with a nice office building with sufficient parking,” he says.

Purchased three years ago from Bob Bullock, Ditto says Fondren Point recently housed the offices of two movie productions, “Get on Up” and “The Hollars” before his company began spending money on the exterior. The roof has been replaced as have all windows. The common hall or breezeway has been sealed and climate controlled , bathrooms renovated, the building painted and parking lot work is still to come. “The building is in better shape than has been in long time.”

glass wall detail

Glass wall detail

One of the most notable aesthetic features is the windows of varying transparencies on the south western side. Thank Fondrenite and Dean and Dean architect Tim Geddie for that design. “The (project) was probably beneath him, but he has a passion for Fondren and neighborhood improvements,” Ditto explains. “He came up with the concept of putting glass panels along that wall with varying glazings. Some are more opaque than others and it forms a cool contrast on that wall, and serves to keep the elements out.”

With another State Street Group project, The Meridian, just around the corner, Ditto hopes their work on Fondren Point is truly an asset to the community. “It’s a great location and with so much going on in neighborhood, we’re looking hard for the right tenant to compliment Fondren. It will be really satisfying once it’s done.”

Interested? Contact Commercial Property Manager Ann Fry at 601.981.4445.


The building to the right, once home to Petra Cafe, will be demolished.