Location, location, location.

In the real estate business, it’s what they call “the three most important things.”

In the nail business, it’s the very factor that brought Adrienne Williams to Fondren Corner’s Fondren Nails almost one year ago.

The Jackson native and St. Joseph Catholic School graduate had been eyeing the ground floor corner spot for years. “I’ve always loved this location and know how important it is,” she says. “Fondren is the heart of it.”

Williams has been a nail technician for almost 12 years, a path she took after a degree in public relations at Mississippi University for Women. “When I graduated from high school, everyone was going to be a doctor or a lawyer and I was like, ‘Oh gosh, I don’t want to be singled out because all I want is a trade,’” she remembers. “But I don’t regret my college experience. I’m glad I went backwards, so to speak.”

Shortly after college, Williams, who says she has been doing nails forever, “made it legit” and got her license. Until late last year, she worked with Dianne and Roy Roach at their Cheveux Styling Company in the Quarter on Lakeland. When they retired, Williams approached Fondren Nails owner, Marley Allen.

“I knew she had other business interests and was thinking of retiring, so I told her I wanted (Fondren Nails),” she says. “And (Allen) told me, ‘I know you! You are good at this. I want my clients to be in good hands.’” Williams took ownership on December 24, 2013.

In the year since, Williams says her PR degree hasn’t been lost on helping her business grow. “Turns out, I just like people,” she laughs. “It’s all about relationships and the repoire you build. And I’m loyal. You don’t have to be the best polisher. It’s about how you treat people.”

Much has changed at Fondren Nails, including the paint job, new drapes and new hours. “I practically live here, but I’m thankful,” Williams explains of her 7am to 7pm Monday — Saturday routine. “It’s my first year, and I might be overdoing it, but I can’t help myself.”

What hasn’t changed is the vibrancy of that little ground floor corner spot. “Sure, it’s noisy. It’s ‘Grand Central’ around here! But would you have it any other way?”