cups-expansionOne of Fondren’s oldest businesses is freshening up a bit in 2015.

Cups, an Espresso Cafe, has said they will renovate their flagship store on Old Canton Road.

Along with the renovation will come an increase in space. Manager Cody Cox confirms their taking in of the adjacent spot, at once Clapton Realty. “We have signed a lease and the space is ours, but for now, it will probably be storage,” he said.

Cox, who has managed the Fondren store for nearly three years, said they have found examples of coffee shop decor they like but haven’t decided on a theme. “It will still feel like Fondren,” he told, adding, “we just don’t know exactly what that looks like yet.”

Still, the additional room, approximately the same size as their current back room, could mean big things. Cox, who has recently booked more bands and special events, has added a bimonthly record listening and podcast recording, Afternoon Vinyl. More space could mean more events for the two decade-old hub of caffeine and conversation.

The news of Cups growth comes on the heels of their recent nod in Business Insider as a best in the feature, “The Best Coffee Shop in Every State.” Writer Melissa Stanger noted Cups’ “signature coffee flavors that range from the exotic, like coconut creme, to the local, like Southern pecan.”