nicks-logoA Jackson institution has closed its doors.

After 30+ years, Nick’s owner Nick Apostle is hanging up his apron on his fine dining restaurant in Fondren. General manager Matt Taylor confirmed the news, effective immediately.

“We loved the move to Fondren (from Lakeland Drive) and the relationships we’ve built, but Nick has put sweat and blood in this for 34 years,” Taylor says. “It’s about time.”

Taylor says Apostle, who also owns The Mermaid Cafe at Lake Caroline, will spend some time there but, most importantly, more time with his five grandchildren.

From Nick’s Facebook:

Since it’s opening in 1983, Nick’s has served as one of Jackson’s premier fine dining establishments. Its reputation is in large part due to the wonderful employees that have served the restaurant throughout the years. Our success is also owed to our faithful customers–“thanks” is not even an adequate word for what we owe you and how much we’ll miss everyone.

I have made the decision to close the restaurant for one reason… family. Over the years, I have spent most of my time either in the kitchen or out on the floor. I’ve been blessed to be able to provide for my family while running a business I feel passionate about–not many can boast that fortune. But now is the time to focus life outside the workplace with my family. This closing will allow me to spend time with those that supported me during all the late nights and long weekend hours. Alice and I are looking forward to being together and with our five young grandchildren. At the same time, I’ll still be at our sister restaurant, The Mermaid Café.

Nick’s was always considered a family-run, small, neighborhood business. This closing was a family decision and we didn’t feel that a large farewell was necessary. Nick’s came on the scene 30 years ago without much fanfare and our goodbye will be just as simple.

So as of, May 26, 2014, the doors of Nick’s will remain closed. It is with much affection that I say goodbye and wish you all of the best. Thank you for your patronage, support, and friendship.

Nick Apostle