Krasinski with Bonnie Dickerson. Image: Mississippi Magazine

Krasinski with Bonnie Dickerson. Image: Mississippi Magazine

May 20, 2014

The rumors are true.

Actor John Krasinski was in Jackson, specifically Fondren, yesterday and social media is abuzz with sightings and seeking the ‘Office’ star.

Find It In Fondren first noticed a photo, taken of the actor from behind by Lauren Miltner, owner of Lo Lady Fashion in Fondren Corner.  She posted to Instagram, saying, “One time…John Krasinski came into Sneaky Beans and (Hannah Gross) made him coffee…and I proceeded to talk to him about Fondren and all the great things about our city.”

Sneaky Beans barista Kevin Smith caught Krasinski on the way out of the shop. “It was a quick little two second deal,” Smith said. “I basically told him have a nice day and thanks for coming to get coffee.”

A few hours later, Lemuria Bookstore had tweeted, “Thanks to @johnkrasinski for stopping by Lemuria! Hope you enjoy #theorenda” while another photo had popped up on Instagram. This one was inside Lemuria from artist and art director of Mississippi Magazine, Bonnie Dickerson with the caption, “This just happened. Apparently you can meet hot guys in bookstores.”

Grace Batemen Greene, owner of Peru Paper, says she heard Krasinski was also spotted at Walker’s Drive-In, adding, “He’s hitting all the great spots in Fondren!”

Those who didn’t meet Krasinski wished they had. 16 WAPT News reporter Emily Alexander tweeted yesterday, “@HadasBrownWAPT and I met up in @finditinfondren to try and find @johnkrasinski. #stalkerselfie #operationfindjim,” while Y101 morning show personality Tim Murphy courted the actor online this morning saying, “If you DM me I can even give you our super-secret celebrity hotline #…. How can you pass that up?” Murphy earlier speculated, “Think I cracked it. @johnkrasinski is dir/prod The Hollars. Also prod by Jackson native Tom Rice.”

Earlier this year, another celebrity caused quite a stir around Fondren while here producing a movie. Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was seen at Walker’s and Nick’s while the James Brown bio-pic, ‘Get on Up,’ filmed downtown, at Hawkins Field and at Millsaps College.

Update (July 2014): The Hollars is on a five week production schedule in and around Jackson.

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