What does dancing have to do with gymnastics? What does martial arts have to do with tumbling? What does kicking have to do with ballet?

Students under Jeremy Gordon know the answers and now Fondren will get the chance to learn, too, as Gordon’s Boxers Rebellion® has a new home on Mitchell Avenue, in the upstairs space above Silly Billy’s.

Boxers Rebellion, simply put, is a grass roots organization that researches the fighting arts. Racine, WI native Gordon founded the program out of necessity after seeking out training in Mississippi, only to find karate or taekwondo offered. His art, Jeet Kune Do, is a foundation that helps further develop an individual philosophy and personal connection to a martial path.

Relying upon the principles of physics and logic, Gordon’s methods, he says, have roots in scientific proof and have a deeper meaning. “What we do with martial arts,” Gordon says, “is not a hobby. It embraces the whole person.”

Boxers Rebellion combines hybrid kickboxing, jump rope and focus mitts, embracing more traditional boxer training, with the grace and fluidity of modern dance and movement. As a matter of fact, his gym space is used on Tuesday and Thursday nights by a dance group. In the words of Gordon’s idol, Bruce Lee, it’s the art of expressing the human body (Gordon notes that Lee protégés Ted Wong and father of modern kick boxing, Joe Lewis, were two of his teachers. )

Founded on the campus of Jackson State University in 2000,  Gordon’s program has expanded to Mississippi State, Hinds Community College, Mississippi University for Women and Millsaps College. Other programs, lead by Gordon taught instructors, can be found in Gordon’s Wisconsin hometown.

Asked why Boxers Rebellion was a fit for Fondren, Gordon says, “I have come here for yoga…for groceries; it’s been that center hub for me. I see Fondren as an open-minded community for performing arts and artistic people. This is an artsy area where people are welcome.”

Classes officially kick off May 1 – the same day Gordon will lead a demonstration on Duling Avenue during Arts, Eats & Beats. For costs, class options or program requirements, visit boxersrebellion.org.