campbells-loyaltyWhat’s the best way to show appreciation to your customers? Give them free stuff!

Campbell’s Bakery’s Mitchell Moore gets that and he’s found a way to show his gratitude in a high tech sort of way.

Moore is using Loyal Blocks, a free smart phone app that serves as a mobile membership card. His bakery, which turned 50 last year, may be the first business in Fondren to reward customers using such technology. The choice to go 21st century had a very old-fashioned motive.

“I wanted a punch card, just something that says ‘thanks’ to the people,” Moore explained. “I went online and looked for the hole punch you buy specific to your place. And I just…the thought of those little chads on the ground? There’s gotta be a better way.”

Moore, who calls himself an iPhone and app guy, searched through hundreds of mobile phone app options before settling with the three year-old Loyal Blocks. “It had to work, it had to be clean, it had be operable on my end,” he said. “This is the best and easiest.”

Once customers have downloaded the app, they scan a QR code at the bottom of their Campbell’s receipt or take a picture that shows you were in the store. This counts as a visit and after five times in, you are rewarded with a free cupcake. A first time check in automatically earns you a free iced teacake.

The flexibility of the app allows Moore to give away anything he wishes to — or change the freebie at any time — all while tracking user behaviors or their proximity to his store. “The other day, I logged in to my dashboard from my iPhone and saw a friend was nearby,” he explained. “I sent her a text and said, “Come grab a cupcake!”

That same flexibility means that, for a special holiday, such as the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Moore may make the five visit bonus be a free dozen teacakes. “We can adapt to whatever is going on, so we’re trying to make it interesting and fun,” he said.

Loyal Blocks is free for Moore and free for users. The baker said he is so happy with the app, he is checking into the company’s extra “for a fee” services like mobile coupons that ping a users phone with a notification.

At the end of the day, it’s about good business and the app is bringing in more sales, right? Honestly, Moore said, it’s more about the connection and a personal thank you. “I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy. If you have never been in before, you get a free tea cake. I’m a huge believer in the product speaking for itself.” He added, “We feed people and try to make people happy.”

As of late last week, 82 people had checked in to Campbell’s using the app, exceeding Moore’s expectations. Download Loyal Blocks for Apple or Android smart devices.