Outlaw and McPherson

Outlaw and McPherson

Now, see here, gentlemen: you’ll soon have a place of your own to get the pampered treatment. Partners Justin McPherson and Eddie Outlaw will open The Fondren Barber Shop by William Wallace Salon next month.

The couple, with nearly three decades of experience in hair, will take over the storefront in Fondren Village once occupied by Au Courant Floral (who is consolidating into the M. Nicholas Collection space).

McPherson calls the new venture a modern take on the old barber shop where special attention is the focus and the customer is king. “Those kinds of things, the pampering and such, they did do that,” he says. “You got treated well when you were in (a barbershop).”

With the goal of appealing to college kids, medical students and businessmen alike, The Barber Shop will offer full service cuts starting at $20. “We want to grow with those guys, getting through school, taking that first job” McPherson explains.

Six to eight stations will occupy the 800 square feet of space, complete with reclining barber chairs, perfect for the long list of services to be offered. “We’ll do hair cuts, straight razor shaves, hot towel facials, paraffin dip for hands and scalp and aromatherapy treatments,” McPherson says. “I’d love to bring a shoe shine guy in.” Those are the kinds of things The Barbershop will be open to and have the space for. “It’s the little things. Once we get the doors open, we can ask clients ‘What do you want to see?’”

As for a concept and look, it’s not yet on paper. But don’t expect dark mahogany and brass. Outlaw, who will divide his time between the women’s salon and barber shop, says the new space will have a masculine feel, yet be clean and fresh. McPherson adds “Sophisticated, smart and crisp.” They imagine a visit to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and a search for photos of old barber shops in town. “I’d blow those up and hang them on the walls as artwork,” McPherson says.

The need for a place like this is on par with what the couple has seen in their travels. McPherson says, “We were just out in California, even up north, (barber shops) are everywhere. Men are taking the time again to pamper themselves. There’s really nothing like this in Jackson, not on this scale at least.”

The sharp contrast between William Wallace Salon and The Barber Shop will be noticeable, even down to the way the phone is answered. “We want it to be quiet with no big front desk to contend with.” The space, McPherson says, will be client oriented.

Every cut, whether on the least or most expensive level, will offer a two-minute neck and shoulder massage. A little bit of attention, they say, goes a long way. Outlaw calls it “value-added” service. “It costs us nothing but a couple of minutes,” he explains. “Some guys are used to running in and getting a clipper cut and leaving without a shampoo. We want you to come in, feel comfortable and feel like you’re being treated well.”

There is excitement building already. Outlaw says, “I’ve mentioned the idea to all of my male clientele, some who happen to be pretty successful businessmen,” he explains. “Not a single one said it was a bad idea. Most say we’d be a fool if we passed up the opportunity.”

Call 601-982-8300 if you’re a stylist or barber that wants to be a part of their team.