corey-thomasIn the past ten years on Mitchell Avenue, Corey Thomas enjoyed three different homes, and has brought at least that many creative genres to the neighborhood, as well. He is one of the street’s most active residents, working locally with acclaimed DJ’s and crafting music tracks as well as involvement in graphics, screen printing and filmmaking.

Film production comes to the neighborhood as Thomas launches his production company, Fondren Film Factory, with his own horror flick. The movie will be a set of five short horror stories, all set in Jackson, put together to make a full-length epic of terror and fear in the Capital City. Written and directed by Thomas, the film will be created with help from The Blast Midtown. Thomas is holding a casting call this Saturday, August 31, from noon to 2pm at Sneaky Beans on State Street to fill roles and positions for the film.

Thomas also works in music and entertainment throughout Fondren and Midtown as part of the group Violator DJ’s with DJ Young Venom and DJ Scrap Dirty. The group enjoys supporting the community and in the past has provided entertainment for other Fondren and Mitchell Street boutiques and salons, including Pink Lamborghini and Lipstick Lounge. For one event, they blocked off Mitchell for a fashion show and several DJ sets. The group is also hoping to stage another event for Fondren After 5 before it gets too cold.

Those familiar with shopping and commuting along Mitchell Avenue see Thomas’s graphic work frequently. He designed the gloss-booted banner for Silly Billy’s streetside sign post at the edge of the vintage and thrift shop’s parking lot. Through his screen printing business, China Ink., located in Fondren’s sister neighborhood Midtown, Thomas creates custom artwork for businesses and artists.

With his hands in so many creative pies in the community, an artist as versatile and talented as Corey Thomas is a fabulous Mitchell Avenue neighbor to have!

Dawn Macke, a Mitchell Avenue resident herself, brings us this story on Corey Thomas