Some days she’s nervous. She’s gone out on a limb to follow her dream. But this much is certain: she’s not chewing her nails over it. In fact, Victoria Walker may have the best nails in town.

Jackson born and raised, Walker is the owner of Cuticle’s Nail Studio in Fondren Village, the retro hip property redeveloped by Waddell Nejam over ten years ago. It’s also where the Fondren part of her career began.

“I had lived in Fondren since 2000 and I would pass by what was The Nail Gallery in Fondren Village at the time (which later became Social Agenda),” Walker remembers. “I thought ‘How cool would it be to work in a nail shop like that?’” It took her a couple of years before she finally came on board, but the 36 year-old had spent the last decade with the salon that is now on Mitchell Avenue.

Late last month, Walker took what she calls a “plunge of faith” to open her own shop, a business Fondren Village owner Nejam calls “advantageous to the area.” He says “She really deserves it” and says Walker is hard working and determined.

Indeed she is. She says she pestered Nejam repeatedly until he remembered her from Social Agenda. A recently vacant spot on the shopping center’s east end was a perfect location. Walker says it’s nice being located “on the beaten path” again.

Already, neighboring William Wallace Salon is a fan. She says “They were the first phone call I got here, sending people over.” Walker says what sets her apart is personal service. “It’s not a drive through nail salon,” she says. “Some places are in and out and customer service is not priority. But I take my time and get to know people.”

In her last nine and a half years in Fondren, she sees benefit from the community spirit and sense of camaraderie here. “People here want to see others here do well,” Walker says. “I’m confident I should do fine.”

Cuticle’s Nail Studio at 2947 Old Canton Road offers manicures and pedicures including gel and acrylic nails and shellac (with a full manicure – $36). Walk-ins are welcome but appointments are preferred by calling 601-366-6999. Walker is looking for two additional nail techs to come on board.