Visitors to 205 Glenway in Woodland Hills this weekend will get a taste of what Fondren offers for interior design, art and style. The former home of June and Harper Stone is on loan for the Fondren Renaissance Taste of Fondren Show House, presented by St. Dominic’s. And the man pulling it all together is Buddy Graham. The 72 year-old interior designer was the owner of design firm Navarro McLean until he retired in 2009. These days, he can be found involved in philanthropic endeavors like the show house, where he serves as design coordinator.

Chosen to make connections with his friends and neighbors in the design world, Graham calls the ‘Taste’ house a challenge. “There are many things here that are more traditional, but it’s been fun to see how the designers have approached the project,” he tells us. Graham participated in a similar decorating opportunity “quite a number of years ago”called the Funky Fondren showcase houses. But this one, he explains, is different. “We have one room that just screamed that it had to be traditional. It looks like it could have been here all along. Other rooms, you find a nice juxtaposition of transitional and more modern.” From very ornate to very clean lined styles, the home is a microcosm of Fondren itself.

Artwork that adorns many rooms and hallways is from Fischer Galleries and Browns Fine Art. Traditional themed rooms like the study decorated by Barry Plunkett of Belgique and Interiors Market are contrasted by the modern contemporary stylings of Anthony Ritter and his team at Glo. And a garden decorated by The Everyday Gardener is just steps from Nancy Price’s dining room. To showcase so much talent from one neighborhood, in one house, is no accident.

“If you look in the Yellow Pages and look for interior designers,” Graham says, many of them are here in Fondren.” The former two-term Fondren Renaissance board President says it’s like no where else. “We, as Fondren Renaissance, are happy we’re able to represent these people and bring focus to our community. It’s so unique for the state and the City of Jackson.”

And Fondren continues to be a neighborhood that invites fresh talent. The first galleries, even businesses like Graham’s former firm, date back to the early 60’s. “Because of that initial development, it’s drawn others,” he explains. “I tell you what it is: Fondren got organized. Because potential business people saw there would be a community promoting itself, then they saw it as a promotion for them. That’s what it boils down to. And that’s what we’re doing this weekend.”

Visit the Taste of Fondren Show House  presented by St. Dominic’s at 205 Glenway in Woodland Hills Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 19-21, with entry times Friday and Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 1-4. Admission is $10 or free with your Taste of Fondren ticket.

Designers and Galleries: Buddy Graham, Design Coordinator – Celia Barrett Design – Belgique – Glo / Anthony Ritter Designs – Everyday Gardner – Joan Hawkins Interiors – Mosaic / Courtney Peters Interior Design – Nancy Price Interiors – Sarah Jones Interiors – St. Martin’s Gallery – Brown’s Framing And Fine Art – circa. Urban Artisan Living – Fischer Galleries – Fondren Art Gallery