Marcy Fischer Nessel can hardly contain herself. When you ask about her Fischer Galleries on Duling Avenue, her smile could brighten a room. “This is hands down my favorite experience in my nearly 20 years in the art world,” she tells us.

Nessel rattled off a list of what’s coming up for 2013 with the energy she says this neighborhood gives her. “Lots going on,” she enthusiastically proclaims as artists, new and veteran, drop pieces off, even while she talks to us. “Wayne Packer, Vidal Blankenstein and Bebe Wolfe have an opening on Valentine’s evening and Tony Saldino and Stacey Johnson are here for a March opening.” Nessel says April and May shows are coming together, too, and she’ll take summer off to gear up for fall and beyond. “I’m excited for this year and even next.”

What makes this neighborhood perfect for a little gallery tucked between BankPlus and a restaurant space? “Oh gosh,” Nessel says. “It’s everything. It’s the energy, the people who support Fondren who live here and work here and want to see it remain…beating…the heartbeat of the artsy part of Jackson.” Nessel was with Nunnery’s years ago in downtown Jackson, but contends, Fondren tops it all. “It’s eclectic, interesting, full of local shop owners who love their businesses and want to promote our local artists and even craftsmen.” She points to shops like circa. URBAN ARTISAN LIVING. “Fondren is unlike any other part of Mississippi. There’s so much great energy!”

After nearly two decades, the last five years here, Nessel says she has learned a lot. “It’s learning the business and a lot about local artists – and what your clients love and are looking for,” she explains. “It’s been an ongoing process like life is in general. You’re always learning. Always.”

Would Fischer Galleries be anywhere else? “NO,” she exclaims. “NO! Fondren has been amazing; a wonderful spot. People come in from all over the metro and out of state to visit.

For someone who grew up here her whole life and has seen change and the comings and goings of the market, Nessel is gleefully optimistic. “It’s always been a really funky interesting place and I can’t wait to see it get even better.”