Photo courtesy of Ian Hanson

Nov. 29, 2012

Original art — for under $100? Not possible, right? Tell that to Ian Hanson. He’s the artist behind Priced to Move, returning for its third installment December 7 and 8, 2012 in Fondren.

The idea began as the brainchild of Hanson and fellow artist Cody Cox over a year ago. First seen this time last year at Andy Hilton’s Midtown studio, it has turned into a fully anticipated event (a second incarnation was held in the lobby of the former federal courthouse in downtown Jackson this July).

“We talked about hanging a show together,” Hanson says of his paintings and Cox’s photography. “Instead of simple, we let it get bigger and bigger in our minds until it became what it is.” The pair invited artists and musicians, set up with no idea of what would happen, and, at end of day, the results warranted a future. “It was so good, we said we’d have to keep doing it.”

What it is, Hanson tells us, is an affordable, accessible way for art lovers and artists to unite. “Every bit as cliché as it sounds,” he affirms, “coming together is a huge part of this.” Byron Knight’s Sneaky Beans is the venue — at no cost to the show. Musicians play for free. And Hanson and Cox take nothing for their efforts. It all adds up to giving people the chance to support artists and the chance for Hanson and Cox to give back to the community.

All art — be it jewelry, photography, paintings, sculpture and the like — is under $100. “It’s easy if your friends are in a band to buy their album,” Hanson explains. “But for visual artists, it’s hard to buy a piece of their work. Oftentimes, they’re $300 in a gallery and people don’t have that kind of pocket money.” No commissions are taken by show organizers so that they can afford to keep prices low.

In keeping to a true pop-up gallery model, Priced To Move explores different areas of Jackson. This time they chose Fondren. Sneaky Beans, Hanson says, was obvious. “We looked around and there were options, but at end of the day, the shop is so close to all of us who live in Fondren. Everything they do as far as shows and working with Byron. It’s a great space.”

Hanson hopes the location brings in a different crowd. “It’s the first time it hasn’t been a destination show. We’re actually hoping for foot traffic.” Hanson hopes the music on Sneaky Beans’ front porch will help to draw people in.

Friday’s sounds will come from band The Weekend Kids, DJ Melvin Priester and a pre-show DJ set inside from Spirituals. On Saturday, a big show on Sneaky Beans’ back lot stage will feature Garrad Lee’s Blender Series bringing together Jackson hip-hop and rock acts. On the bill is Skipp Coon, Swamp Babies, Coke Bumaye and Spacewolf.

Priced to Move Volume 3 is the largest installment to date with 18 or 19 artists. Hanson says some of the roster comes from the first show, some from the second and some who have never been on board before. The list includes artists Hanson, Cox, Samantha Ledbetter, Chrissy Valentine, Aaron Phillips, Andy Hilton, David McCarty, Sara Link, Leslie Galloway, Talamieka and Charles Brice, Scott Allen, Nicole Stowe, Ming Triplett, Jessica Russell, Skip Coon, Laura Meek, Emily Mathis, Wade Acuff, Lydia Gamble and Maddy Aper.

Hanson’s goal is for everyone to sell art. “Hopefully I’ll sell some of my art,” he says. “It really is a great opportunity to do something cool for the community. The artists involved are my friends. I enjoy seeing them get their work out. It’s great to see them get exposure.”

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