Lost In Trees plays Duling Hall tonight

We hear music as a general sound that accompanies our lives through our smartphones, iPods, car and home stereos. But, to actively go out to venues and special events, like festivals, to hear music live gives us energy and a thrill unmatched by any electronic device. Music also helps us define who we are as a person. The great thing about this beautiful phenomenon we call music is that it is one of the core indicators of a vibrant and thriving creative culture.

Fondrenites can all agree that the music scene in Jackson is growing steadily week by week, thanks to the businesses in this neighborhood that have always supported music. Not only do we have Ardenland with touring musical acts; Duling Hall and Sneaky Beans as venues; and Fondren Guitars for our instrument purchase, repairs and lesson needs, but also Morningbell Records providing even more options to fulfill music needs.  Fondren, and greater Jackson, is seeing the benefits of a thriving music scene both enriching lives and creating a sustainable economy.

What all this great activity boils down to is the communal mindset of accepting something new, unknown, and different as good. Fondren has become successful because the community is thinking positively and creatively, willing to take risks on things that may not be too familiar. From a new concert series at The Cedars to local jam sessions on the porch of the home owned coffee shop, new music is continuing to be created in Fondren.

There are many different ways in which the community can continue to get involved in music throughout the neighborhood. See a poster of an event or show? Whip out your smartphone and take a picture of it. When you get some time, check out the picture, read the poster and research the bands performing. Never heard of the band? That’s a good thing! That means you get to discover something new and refreshing. If you like what you see and hear, tell a friend. Nothing gets someone more interested than word of mouth. Most importantly, attend the event. Fondren’s shows are mostly all-ages, making live music accessible to everyone, including the kids (make sure you take earplugs).

Country to funk, hard rock to jazz, blues to gospel choir, there’s music for every taste in the neighborhood. All Fondren needs is for you to come and listen.

Daniel Guaqueta contributed this great piece to the Summer Find It In Fondrenâ„¢ Magazine. He is passionate about all types of music, and is especially excited about tonight’s Lost In Trees concert from Ardenland at Duling Hall.