Call it Fondren, says Mary Jo McAnally. While not responsible for the name itself, McAnally is responsible for making sure that name sticks. As a realtor with 30 years experience, McAnally asked her fellow realtors to use the name Fondren when advertising or speaking of any property west of I-55 between Northside Drive and Woodrow Wilson. With a lot of help from her fellow agents, this large area became one neighborhood that today we call the Fondren historic district.

McAnally has another job, having been with Fondren Renaissance Foundation for thirteen years. She was asked to  join the staff on a part time schedule to help recruit new home and business owners to the neighborhood and oversee the renovation of homes on the west side of North State. Helping save The Cedars has been the highlight of McAnally’s career with the foundation. She enjoys soliciting talented artists to present their works during the Four Seasons of The Cedars, exhibits that serve as a venue to raise funds to maintain the beauty and integrity of this circa 1840 structure.

Originally published in our first ever Find It In Fondren™, fall 2010. Can you believe we will publish our fifth edition the second week of June?!