Still settling in! Photo courtesy of Glo.

Trees and open spaces: they’re what designer Anthony Ritter loves. The Fondren creative behind Glo and AR Designs has expanded his footprint with a new showroom not far from his current one. “I look out and can see trees and the green space by Babalu,” Ritter says from the former Woodland Hills Dollhouse next to Fondren Cellars. His showroom square footage has gone from 1,200 to 2,500, seemingly overnight, though he says it’s been a long time coming. “It was no secret we needed more room, so when it came available, my name was on the list. The timing was right.” Ritter says with the removal of one wall, he is now connected to his fabric room, a big part of what they do – and a space he has had hidden away for years. “We have always had a backdoor connection to that room,” he tells us, “so now, we can balance out showroom space with that.” Glo will continue to utilize their “under the hill” spot on Old Canton Road. They’ll showcase Ritter and design partner Grace Massey’s work, and, he says, it may even serve as more of a gift shop space. “Then we can do the more intense design and client meetings upstairs.”

Ritter is excited to have more space to spread out and create something new and beautiful. “It’s another palette for us,” he says, “and a chance to bring something cool to Fondren.” It’s a neighborhood he speaks lovingly of in his choice to locate here six years ago. “I love trees, nature and a neighborhood. My original space has a small patio and we open doors in the spring.” Ritter shudders at the idea of being in a more commercial setting. “I don’t want to be in concrete mall with no trees,” he says. “I’m always doing flowers in front of the store and want to be surrounded by nature.” That truly is what he’s drawn to, the access to beauty. “I always consider what we can look at, beyond the space, when I design, and I always bring nature into it.”