Everyday people work to accomplish good deeds.  Sometimes deeds are done for the reason of fame or recognition and other times they are done from the heart. These selfless acts are for the betterment of others with no attention being drawn to themselves for the good deed at hand.  Fondren is blessed to be filled with the “silent” good deeds of many diverse individuals, groups and corporations.  We, as a Fondren community, are so proud of this fact.  The fact that someone or some organization cares enough to see a need and, in turn, do the good deed of making something better is always rewarding.  Good deeds singly and collectively are what make postive change and revitalization occur. 

Case in point: my dear friend and beloved benefactor of Fondren, Sister Dorothea Sondgeroth.  As many of you know, she has been an inspirational catalyst behind the revival, continued growth and stability of Fondren.  She, along with St. Dominic Health Services, has been one of the driving forces in our area not only in monetary terms but also volunteerism and sweat equity.  Together, they have allowed the Fondren Renaissance Foundation to further its vision of making a difference in the lives of its inhabitants for the betterment of themselves, Fondren and the entire Jackson community.  

The recipient of last year’s 2012 Fondren Renaissance Award for Vision, Sister Dorothea is a leader, mentor and facilitator.  She is a modern day pioneer and one that it is worthy of our thanks and praise.  

It gives me great pleasure to announce to the community of Fondren and the surrounding Jackson community, that on this day, April 25, 2012 A.D., Pope Benedict XVI has chosen Sister Dorothea Sondgeroth to receive the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross for her many years of service to the church in the diocese and the Mississippi community.  The honor is for distinguished service to the church by lay people and clergy. It is the highest medal that can be awarded to the laity by the Papacy. A special celebration for Sister Dorothea and other honorees will be held this evening at 6 p.m. in the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle.  This ceremony will be open to the public.

Contributed by Jim Wilkirson, Executive Director, Fondren Renaissance Foundation