Break out your two wheeler and head to Babalu! After the installation of two racks there this past weekend, cyclists now have a spot to secure their bikes. The two year old Fondren restaurant says they are responding to customer wishes by adding the convenience. “We have weekly meetings where we share ideas”, general manager Andy Nesenson says, “and this was one thing that came up repeatedly”. Community demand was there, especially from Jackson Bike Advocates and other cycling groups from across the area.

Two racks were installed and Nesenson hopes it spurs other businesses to do the same. “You think about Fondren this time of year”, he says, “and it’s nice to get outside. We wanted a nice spot where you could ride in, secure your bike, then relax and enjoy”.

And enjoy you can: Babalu has rolled out a menu update that includes the already popular Bababurger, steak on a stick, salmon, redfish and grilled Ceaser salad. At the bar, two new cocktails have been introduced, the St. Germain and the Cat 5, made with Mississippi’s own Cathead vodka. Nesenson says the restaurant is aways looking for ways to change it up. “That’s one of the things we are constantly looking at. We sit down every week and look at the different things we can do. We want to make Babalu unique”.