Fondren Renaissance Foundation is pleased to announce their partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This partnership will allow both organizations to focus on rehabilitative and remodeling grants for housing in the Fondren area.  This project, currently labeled the Phoenix Initiative, was begun and sponsored with an initial grant from St. Dominic Health Services, Inc. for $250,000. 
This afternoon, at the completion and dedication of its 500th home build, Habitat for Humanity announced its intentions to partner in this progressive grant process with Fondren Renaissance Foundation.  FRF welcomes Habitat for Humanity to the Fondren community and says they look forward to a healthy and prosperous relationship for the future. Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson said Habitat has transformed neighborhoods, removed blighted properties and opened the doors of affordable housing to so many. He also cited how Habitat brings together college students, churches and many other volunteers for a common cause. Johnson saluted former first lady Elise Winter, founding and life board member, who was on hand for today’s ceremony. The mayor concluded with a plea to the community: “Let us look after one another, not only during this season, but throughout the year. Habitat is a great example of an organization providing hope. Let us emulate it”.

To date, 56 houses have been completed through Phoenix, bringing a sense of pride and community to all who have been a part.  St. Dominic Health Services has once again pledged an additional $90,000 to continue the important work and goals of this project throughout Fondren.  This pledged amount has been given in the form of a dollar to dollar match.

with reporting from Jim Wilkirson, Executive Director, Fondren Renaissance Foundation.Pictured above are Mayor Harvey Johnson, incoming Habitat Board President Alfred Carter, FRF’s Jim Wilkirson, Mary Jo McAnally & Buddy Graham and Habitat Metro Jackson Executive Director Cindy Griffin