With tons of sales and ‘open early’ opportunities clamoring for your attention – and your dollars this weekend, the message is simple in Fondren: shop here first. Fondren Association of Businesses President David Waugh said in an email today that his group is pushing Saturday’s national ‘Small Business Saturday’. The effort calls upon shoppers to not abandon their local retailers in a weekend of searching for door buster deals from national chains. “It’s a struggle every year”, Waugh said “to pull people back into the neighborhood after a very early morning of chasing the cheapest”.  Some even believe Fondren is ‘closed’ on black Friday. Not true from the merchants and restaurants we have spoken to. With some exception, Fondren is open for business – like any other day – and ready to serve you. circa. URBAN ARTISAN LIVING’S Michele Escude, also the chair of marketing for Waugh’s group, said what Fondren offers is different. “We’re unique in that our shops are extraordinary” she said. “It’s also the personal service that I just don’t think you can find anywhere else”.

Fondren shops may not open before the sun comes up on Friday, but when they do unlock the doors to usher in the overwhelmed shopper, there’s a sense of peace. You won’t find hustle and bustle here: Fondren is laid back, welcoming, and a reminder of yesteryear. But don’t let that fool you. This walkable neighborhood offers an eclectic vibe and an assortment of treasures unparallelled by any other retailer in the metro.

For a list of businesses in Fondren, click here for our shopping directory. And, if you have specific questions about a business, what they offer or special sales or hours, you can always contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help.