Photo: Jaro Vacek

Justin and I celebrated our ninth anniversary at Parlor Market. We hadn’t bothered to make plans, so when Julie Skipper found out, she called in a favor and got us a table. We dressed up like fine upstanding homosexuals and walked the block to our favorite restaurant. Chef Noone met us at the door, all smiles with congratulatory hugs and back slaps. He’d waited just to speak to us and wanted to make it a point to acknowledge our milestone.

Jenny Breaux, everybody’s favorite server, greeted us with two flutes of champagne and informed us that Craige had planned our meal for us. Every bite was a treat, made more delicious knowing that the owner and staff were celebrating with us. At the end of the meal, sufficiently tipsy and overwhelmingly satisfied, we tried to pass on dessert, but the Parlor Market family was having none of that. Jenny showed up with a sweet treat, and on the massive platter was written “Happy Anniversary!”

Craige once told me that, soon after opening, he directed the kitchen staff to look out at the bar. “You see all the gays out there?” he said proudly “That means we’ve made it.”

Rest in peace, Chef. You were and will forever be my Willy Wonka in the kitchen. God bless Parlor Market.

Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson are owners of William Wallace Salon in Fondren and downtown
residents. See more of Eddie’s musings at #noone