carlsonFind It In Fondrenâ„¢ is pleased to announce today its partnership with Jackson television station WLBT-TV3 and ‘In Your Community’. We are honored to join forces with this longtime central Mississippi news leader and look forward to a meaningful relationship.

Morgan Carlson, web producer for WLBT, said that the company is extremely pleased to help present Fondren to an even larger audience. “Our ‘In Your Community’ pages give communities a chance to be in the spotlight,” she said “through a product that provides quality coverage.” Find It In Fondrenâ„¢ will submit content, usually daily, to WLBT who will then post it to the Fondren/Belhaven/Downtown site.

The web product for WLBT, a Raycom-owned company, was implemented in early July. It’s part of a strategy to seek out hyper local news for areas that would not normally see prime time or even prime-web coverage. WLBT is seeking sources in those communities to provide ‘point of view’ information and for Carlson, Find It in Fondrenâ„¢ was a missing piece.

“I started looking for Fondren news as one of my coverage areas,” she told us. “I Googled, looking for the source in this community, and your site came up time after time. I thought, ‘This is everything we want to cover in Fondren’.”

WLBT’s strategy then is a simple one: “Why try to copy what you do,” Carlson asked? “There’s no reason to compete when we can partner with someone who has the best knowledge of the area.”

Carlson calls the collaboration a ‘win-win’ for her station – and Fondren. “We’re getting great content. And when readers see something they like, they’ll see Fondren, and visit your site to learn more about what goes on in your neighborhood. You show there are great things happening here and I’m glad to have this source to give WLBT this type of news we wouldn’t have had in the past.”

See the partnership in action! Visit