For a week last fall, Fondren became the backdrop for the New York Times best seller, The Help, written by Jackson native Kathryn Stockett.

The story was adapted for the big screen by another Jackson native and Stockett friend, Tate Taylor, who also directs the film. Add to the mix another local element, Brunson Green, who Fondren Renaissance associate director Mary Jo McAnally said she has known for years. “He’s done so much in Los Angeles,” McAnally added, “but it’s great to see him back home producing a movie in Jackson.”

Art director Curt Beech, whose credits include Transformers and The Social Network, said the ultimate compliment was to hear from those who remember the area from the 60’s and who told him “this is exactly what I recall.” That, he said, is when they know they’ve done their job. Crew members also cited the local reception, saying everyone had been so welcoming and excited about all that was happening. Click here for photos from the filming in Fondren.

The Dreamworks motion picture starring Emma Stone is slated for national release on August 10, though a ‘Hollywood’ premier will be held at the Malco Grandview theater in Madison July 30.

Article originally published in the fall/winter Find It In Fondrenâ„¢ Visitor’s and Newcomer’s Guide

Click here for photos from The Help premiere in Madison on July 30