Isn’t it inevitable? That recipe that calls for some unusual ingredient that cannot be located? It is always a challenge to me as a grocer. Why can’t we get Nabisco Mallomars or Famous Wafer Cookies in the South?  What is the problem with getting Canada Dry Ginger Ale or Delaware Punch south of the Mason-Dixon Line?

I developed the need to find and sell hard to find things while managing a religious bookstore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Folks would come to see me with requests for out of print items, books, bibles, music books and tapes.  My mantra was “never say never.” When I returned to the grocery business in 2001, I retained that need to search and located those hard to find items.

Inside McDade’s Market in Fondren, that is why one sees Nabisco Mallomars, Famous Wafer Cookies, Wink, and after a seven year search, Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale. When everyone was looking for Duncan Hines Coconut Supreme Cake Mix in the Metro area, it was here, in Fondren, by the case!

Let me help you find that item that you have been searching for — food for the soul…..or recipe: I never refuse a challenge. Let me be your ‘Hard to Find’ Grocer!

Eddie Prosser is manager of McDade’s Market in Fondren