As I look around my office, I see a desk organizer carved from cedar, an etched copper plaque of a tree (I love trees), a clay vase that seems to glow with the warmest ocher, a glass sculpture of a graceful woman with flowing hair, a painting of field of crops in rows and a pen carved from wood and dyed the most wonderful blue. Each of these things I have collected, for a surprisingly small amount of money, for a reason: because they speak to me. Some remind me of a particular part of my life, like riding through the fields in Louisiana watching the “fan” formed by the rows of crops as we drove by. Or the beautiful old cedar trees in my home town, or the golden glows of the setting sun or the wonderful blue of the sky just before it turns dark. Or the human form, which is the greatest work of art in my book. Art feeds me, art soothes me, it awakens me, and it frees me.

We seek to be around things that make us feel comfortable, that inspire us, that move us, and that stimulate us. Art does all of these things. Art isn’t just something that sits on a wall or pedestal. A handbag, a scarf, a table, a necklace, a plate, a pen; all are functional pieces that can also be artistic. When shopping for the necessities in life, also look for something that speaks to you, that helps express who you are, and soothes you. Look for ways to incorporate art into your everyday life. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and the process of looking can be just as exciting and fun as owning and using it. There is no place better to search than Fondren. With our many galleries and the newest shops who marry art and function, the search is complete! Find art, find life. Find It in Fondren!

Craig Escude and wife Michele are owners of circa. URBAN ARTISAN LIVING, and artisans themselves.