When you see blue lights, it automatically reminds you to show caution. When you see Steven Lofton, you’re reminded to smile.

This super friendly 45 year old can be seen at major Fondren Renaissance Foundation events, doing what he does best: keeping you safe.

Lofton is a Hinds County Sheriff’s officer, working fraud and forgery by day, moonlighting traffic control by early morning and night. The Clinton native says his day starts at Jackson Academy, moves him to his investigative duties, and puts him back at JA in the late afternoon. And then there are Wednesdays and Sundays where you find him at Christ United Methodist Church, keeping drivers and pedestrians safe.

Lofton, who had a fast track to detective after his USM criminal justice graduation in 1993, worked with Jackson Police Department before moving to the Sheriff’s office in 1997. He also has eight years of SWAT team experience.

The veteran lawman said what most do about their Fondren experience: it’s the friendly people and close knit community that make his job here rewarding. “People wave,” he said, “and we’re on a first name basis. I enjoy this.” When he’s not working traffic, he’s in it — on his motorcycle — and spending time with his wife and two young sons.