Jeff Good has a thing or two to say about business and for good reason. The successful restaurateur is often consulted and cited for his vision and passion for Jackson’s hippest neighborhood.  This time his kudos are being heaped upon Kristin Tubb, owner of the Orange Peel, a consignment boutique in Fondren. Good sends congratulations her way for choosing “an amazing new space for her wonderful shop.” Good says she wins because she gets parking, a new space, and a wraparound porch for events.

But it’s not only a wise move on Tubb’s part, he says. “Fondren wins because we keep a business that was formed and founded here, ” Good added. “This significant business is moving to an emerging hotbed of clothing and design (Mitchell Street… thank you Simmons family for being the pioneers!) and Fondren wins further because we will get another great retail shop to take the two spaces that Orange Peel has in (the Fondren building on North State Street.)” Good calls this a “win-win-win.”

Good has a philosophy about success in Fondren: we need to keep who we have, help those who need newer/bigger/better spaces find them, and attract new businesses in their place. And, he adds, “we know working together works.”

As you may already know, The Orange Peel is moving to 425 Mitchell Street, across from The Shoe Bar at Pieces. The area is fast becoming known as “Fondren’s Fashion Row.”