With a $500,000 federal grant funding a park makeover, some in Fondren are asking ‘where’s the playground crew?’ That’s a mentality organizers of this weekend’s playground build at Fondren Park hope to see changed. By calling on neighbors to actively participate, the idea is to give ownership of the park back to the community. Leslee Foukal, a volunteer with the project, says the neighborhood is diverse and there aren’t many opportunities (or haven’t been yet) for the different groups of people to hang out and get to know each other. “Parties can be awkward, kids activities tend to not draw many parents, and so why not build something together” she asks? Foukal goes on to say it is imperative that the community see this park as their own. “There has to be a sense of ownership or it won’t last. People tend to care more about something they helped put together.”

Volunteers are needed for shifts on Thursday and Friday, and a ‘wrap up crew’ will be pulled together for Saturday. No experience or special skill set is necessary and all are welcome. Even if you don’t contribute to the more labor intensive portion of the project, you can still help out, by providing water, coffee, or even snacks for crews who will work all day. A detailed flyer is here to provide you all the necessary information. To volunteer, email volunteer@fondrenpark.org.