“Right in the middle of everything” was the buzzword I heard when my family and i moved from Pascagoula to Fondren in 2001. Living on the corner of Eagle and Seminole Avenues in a small duplex, we found life to be good. There was no reason to leave the area very often, though, because there was a neighborhood shop for almost every need. From food, to clothing, eating out, and the many service type businesses such as dry cleaning, shoe repair, banking, and our very own hospitals. There were events that brought the neighborhood together for holidays with barbeque and the famous drunk chicken. Parties, parades and fun marked our days. Fondren After Five, Fondren Unwrapped, Sofo, and FRF all provided exciting venues that stimulated, challenged and entertained. When we moved to Council Circle and State Street, life became more exciting. Our family flourished as the neighborhood helped grow them. The safe environment, the neighborhood watch, and the e-mail alerts all provided a sanctuary that my three little ones, Vicki, and I called home.

When it was evident that we needed a larger place — remember the nurturing and growing — we had to pack and move to Belhaven. Not to fear though, as luck would have it, Fondren called once again and I became the store manager of McDade’s Market.  Here — now, in the “middle of everything” back with friends and neighbors and parties and parades, and trying to make a difference in my little corner of Fondren.

Originally written for the Find It In Fondren Visitors Guide by Eddie Prosser