When Craig and Michele Escude married twenty years ago, they never realized their lifestyle would one day lead them to open a store. But that’s exactly what the pair have done in the form of circa. URBAN ARTISAN LIVING, in business for nearly a month in Fondren. Craftsmen in their own right, the Escudes have created a place that houses ‘functional artistic’ pieces, yet serves a higher need. “We all like to feel comfortable,” they said, “and embrace art that speaks to our souls.” circa. features clothing, furniture, artisan foods, garden, and jewelry, and highlights the works of local and regional artisans the Escudes have enjoyed in their travels. “circa. takes the works of our friends and those who share our passion, ” they said, “and allows us to showcase them. We want to help them continue to share their passions with the world.”

The Escudes say, simply put,circa. brings in things made by artisans’ hands the way they used to be. “In former times,” they told us, “if you needed a dress or furniture, you or someone in community made them. We’re taking the connection with objects we surround ourselves with and moving that into modern times. And into the future for all aspects of life.” With Michele’s extensive retail background and the pair’s ‘circa’ lifestyle lived out in their own home, the store, they say, was a natural progression.

circa. will celebrate its ribbon cutting today at 4pm at 2771 Old Canton Road in the historic Fondren neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi. And tomorrow evening, join circa. during Fondren Unwrapped from 5-9pm for their grand opening and open house celebration. The Escudes personal invitation is for you to ‘experience’ circa. “We want you to have a feeling that this is different,” they said, “that you can feel relaxed and comfortable, build relationships, and take that feeling home.”